Questions and Answers 

Q1: What's is e-ticket? 
​A1: E-ticket is an e-mail which will send to your register e-mail address after successful payment made. You need to present the e-ticket to our registration counter for booking validation.  

​​Q2: Can I  cancel my appointment?
​A2: You can cancel it as your wish, but will not get any refund.

​Q3: Can I  reschedule my appointment?
A3:  For kiddie ride on car, you can always reschedule your appointment 24 hour before the scheduled time slot. But for the Drift, no reschedule will be offer.

​Q4: How to reschedule my appointment for the super car or Actros?
​A4: Open your e-ticket, press on the "reschedule" hyperlink, and follow the below step: