Terms and conditions for Lung King Drift

"Lung King Drift" is a speedy racing attraction for over 9 years old & taller than 120cm rider. In addition, sharp turn will in some parts of the adventure which has inherent risks, and so, drift driver or parents(for driver under 18 years old), please assess whether participant’s health condition is suitable to take part in the game and agree the below terms and condition. By purchasing a ticket and/or entering the  premises, you agree to be bound by this Ticketing and  Policy including any changes which may be made to the same without further notice. If Company considers or suspects that you have Violated or are about to violate any terms and conditions of this Policy (including any changes made thereto), The Company has the right to refuse selling tickets to you and/or refuse your admission to or request you to leave the premises as appropriate.

Health Policy:

1. Participant is not pregnant.  

2. Participant has NO medical history of :high blood pressure, heart disease.

3. Participant has NO recent surgery.

4. Participant has NO recent injuries or broken bones of arm, leg, back, neck.

5. Participate in model X drift kart  (being over 9 years old, over 120cm and not exceed 139lbs); 

     Participate in model XL drift kart  (being over 16 years old, over 140cm and not exceed 242lbs); 

6.  Participant is literacy with well vision and hearing.

Safety policy

1. Participant must always wear shoe (Peep toe shoe is not accepted).

2. Participant must attend the briefing session before the ride and follow to instruction to operate the drift craft.

3. NO alcohol or drugs before the ride.

4. Participant must always use safety gear and equipment provided and never attempt to wriggle free of or loosen restraints.

5. Participant must always kept their Arms and legs in the cart at all the times. Both hands are holding on to the steering wheel.

6. Participant must never deliberately crash with another car.

Ticket policy

1. Tickets sold through any channel are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-rechargeable and cannot be re-sold.

2. Please check the transaction amount before leaving the check out page. The Company will not entertain any disputes afterwards.

3. An e-ticket will send to your registered e-mail after payment, please present the e-ticket to registration counter, customer who is not able to present the valid proof of e-ticket or e-mail, Company reserves the right to refuse the admission.

4. Reminder e-mail will send to your registered e-mail 24 hours  before appointment, you are strongly advised add to your google calendar, customer who late will be assumed to be give up without any compensation.

5. One ticket for 1 person, parents please wait outside the premises.

6. Please be responsible for your own personal property, the company would not be responsible for any damages, lost, stolen personal items that are brought into the premises.

7. Walk-in ticket will cut off in advance base on the full online booking & full quota of walk-in ticket has been sold.

Arrangements for special Circumstance
The company will suspend the game subject to the following circumstance, Customer please contact us for reschedule:
  • Bad weather (Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 or above / Raining)
  • Legal requirement (Compulsory close due to Covid-19)
  • Any circumstances affecting the safety, security, public order and health of visitors and employees of the company

Customer Service (from 10:00 to 18:00)
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「龍景飄移」是既富速度感又刺激的活動,歡迎9歲以上及身高最少120cm 的車手前來挑戰。然而,駕駛飄移車旅程中會有急轉彎的路段,故此具一定危險性, 車手及或家長(18歲以下的車手), 請自行評估車手是否適合進行活動及是否同意以下條款及守則.門票一經出售及或入場,即代表閣下同意遵守本守則(包括在沒有通知下對本守則的內容的任何更改)、倘若本公司認為或懷疑閣下違反或即將違反本守則。本公司有權拒絕售票給閣下及或拒絕閣下入場或要求閣下開場所.


1.  駕駛者沒有懷孕

2. 駕駛者沒有心臟病、高血壓病歷. 

3. 駕駛者最近並沒有接受手術. 

3. 駕駛者最近並沒有手、腳、腰、頸之傷患或斷骨. 

5. 駕駛L型號甩尾車者需年滿9歲,身高逾120cm, 體重不超過63kg/ 139lb; 駕駛XL型號甩尾車者需年滿16歲,身高逾140cm, 體重不超過109kg/ 242lb.

6. 駕駛者具讀寫能力且視力及聽覺正常.


1. 駕駛者須時刻穿著鞋(不可露趾)參與活動. 

2. 駕駛者必須接受賽前講解及根據指示駕駛飄移車.

3 .駕駛者在駕駛前不會服藥或飲酒. 

4. 駕駛者時刻使用所提供的安全裝備及設備,切勿嘗試擺脫或鬆開.

5 .駕駛者車上任何時刻都保持: 雙手、雙腳在車內, 雙手緊握軚盤, 四肢不能伸出車外.

6. 駕駛者不得蓄意撞向其他飄移車.


1. 通過任何方式售出之入場券均不可退款、更換、改期,亦不可轉售·
2. 請於付款時確認交易之金額, 離開付款頁面後,如發現交易金額錯誤,將不獲受理。
3. 付款預訂後, 會以電郵收到電子入場券, 請於入場時到登記處出示電子入場券, 如未能出示電子入場券,  本公司保留拒絕入場之權利.
4. 在進場前24小時會收到電郵提示, 強烈建議閣下把預約加入你的電子行事歷, 如閣下遲到, 將視為放棄該段時間之預訂並不作任何補償.
5. 1張電子券只適用於 1位客人, 家長請在場外等候.
6. 請閣下保管自己的財物, 本公司不會對閣下帶進場遭受損壞, 遺失, 盜竊之個人物品負責.
7. 即日門票之限額會視乎當天的預約狀況而調整, 埸所亦有機會因預約額滿及即日門票額滿而提前截單.


本公司會因下列情況而暫停服務, 客戶請與我們聯絡安排改期:

  • 惡劣天氣 (8號風球或以上 / 下雨)
  • 法例要求 (因COVID-19 而強制關閉) 
  • 任何影響訪客、員工的安全、保安理由、公眾秩序及健康的情況

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